Our Aims
Acorns Nursery

Positive, caring relationships based on trust and respect, are at the heart of our philosophy.


"Children get off to  good start in the early years..."

"Staff have enhanced the provision and targeted support so that all children make good progress"

"Children make good progress in the Nursery and Reception classes. They understand the clear routines and staff’s expectations of behaviour. Children learn effectively because activities provide the right level of challenge and interest".

"Teaching and the curriculum are successful in helping children to succeed. There is a range of activities for children to engage with, both independently and under adult direction". 

"There is a calm and purposeful atmosphere that supports good learning. Activities for children to undertake independently are typically well thought out and well resourced". 

 Our Aims

We believe that every day is a learning day and that learning is all around us. As well as being a place of learning, we pride ourselves on ensuring that all children are coming in to a loving, caring environment where they are valued and listened to. We also involve children and parents in trying to continually improve.

At Acorns Nursery, we aim:

  • to provide a safe, happy, caring, stimulating and secure environment for our children where everyone feels valued, included and respected

  • to engage our children in the highest-quality teaching and learning and to maximise success for all

  • to create a nursery which feels like home and to provide an extended family environment

  • to develop a shared vision for the future of Acorns

  • to foster high-quality leadership at all levels

  • to work in partnership with other agencies and our communities to promote the welfare of our children

  • to work together with parents as partners to improve learning and care

  • to reflect on our work and fulfil our learning potential

  • to value and empower our children and staff by recognising and celebrating successes and achievements

  • to promote well-being and respect

  • to develop a culture of ambition and achievement

  • to equip our children with skills for learning, life and work, ready to actively grasp and follow their dreams in the future.

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